Sustainable Luxury is what he sought; it is what he is offering now at his harmonious haven – Stairway To Heaven.

A graduate of Hospitality in Business Management from Queen Margaret University Scotland – one of the UK’s most prominent universities, our founder – Mr Sachin Kumar holds an experience of 15 long years in the Hospitality Industry.

Over these 15 years, he has worked for multiple reputed hotels, gaining the expertise and skills required to run a successful hospitality brand. Mr Kumar isn’t only a skilful professional but also a visionary and responsible citizen. He has always been fascinated by approaches that help nature thrive and wanted to give back to Mother Nature, the most beloved way!

He firmly believes that nature is the biggest blessing to humankind. It’s not only our responsibility but essentiality to take steps that help preserve what we are blessed with! 

With Stairway To Heaven, Mr Kumar doesn’t only envision offering people an experience that makes them forget the chaos of life but also contributes hugely to Sustainable Development by implementing various eco-friendly practices such as rain water harvesting, using solar panels for energy conservation, reusing & recycling and requesting guests to avoid wastage of water and electricity.

Discover a world of Sustainable Luxury, where Mother Nature and Mankind are in blissful harmony at Stairway To Heaven!