One Step At A Time Towards
Happy Nature & Healthy Tomorrow

If there is selfless love – it’s of a mother. It’s only she who selflessly gives away all her unconditional love and expects nothing in return.

Mother Nature is no exception.

We at Stairway To Heaven are heartily grateful for her eternal love, and to showcase our thankfulness towards her, we do our every bit to preserve our natural resources. While striving to offer our guests an exceptional experience, we also adopt numerous environment-friendly practices to conserve nature for a better future.

Whether it’s focusing on reducing our carbon footprints, implementing Rain Water Harvesting, using solar panels for Energy Conservation, or encouraging our guests to limit water and electricity usage to avoid their wastage, we make it a point that with every step, we give back to nature, responsibly and respectfully!

Home-like Comfort with Superior Amenities

This doesn’t only help natural resources be preserved for a longer time but also boosts local employment!

‘Our Planet, Our Responsibility’ – our previous campaign also helped spread awareness about adhering to eco-friendly practices such as plantation, adopting the 3 R’s – Reuse, Recycle, Reduce to reduce ecological footprints, less usage of plastic, keeping our environment clean, preferring home-grown foods to encourage people to do their bit towards a healthy tomorrow!