Magician For Kids' Birthday

Step into a world of wonder as you celebrate your kids’ birthday at Stairway To Heaven. Our professional magician provided for kids’ birthdays adds moments of astonishment to the party with his amazing magic tricks. The celebration, the laughter and the joyful surprises will surely make your kid’s birthday memorable.


The warmth of a bonfire is just like that much-needed hug from your best friend, which makes you feel loved and safe. On your stay at Stairway to Heaven, you can enjoy quality time with your loved ones around a bonfire, sharing the bliss of soul-soothing moments.

Live Musician

To add a symphony of joy, we have a Live Musician facility that ensures to craft an enchanting atmosphere, weaving emotions into melodies. With live music, panoramic views and comfy stay, every moment spent at Stairway To Heaven tells a story of peace, the most melodious way.

Early Morning Trek

As the sun’s first ray paints the sky, our early morning trek facility helps you unveil the beauty of unexplored scenery. The whole experience fills your heart with so much joy with every step you take closer to that gorgeous trek destination.


Under the starry sky, when the tantalising aroma of your sizzlers mixes with earthy fresh air, it adds a profound delight to your stay at Stairway To Heaven. Our barbeque facility takes you to an experience of true palatability surrounded by peace and calmness.

Dinner for 2

Indulge in a remarkable dining experience as you enjoy a sumptuous Dinner for 2 at Stairway To Heaven. From delicious food to relaxing ambiance, every bite is truly an experience worth  remembering.

Dinner for 4

Imagine savouring a wide range of freshly cooked delicious food while enjoying the breathtaking views right from your property — a delightful experience that awaits you at Stairway To Heaven. Our Dinner for 4 facility is a cosy dining experience where culinary perfection meets the warmth of shared moments.